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Readers also enjoyed. About Jessica Hart. Jessica Hart. After a haphazard career spent working and travelling around the world, I stumbled into romance writing as a way to fund a PhD. He might fool others into believing he's a rebel, but she knows the real Charlie: generous, strong and a man who's truly fit to be king. When Lia Costa discovers overnight that she's a princess and is betrothed to a royal duke, it turns her world upside down!

Because regal duty means she can never tell her best friend,Toby, how she really feels Firefighter Toby Winder has always secretly loved Lia. But, watching her swap her apartment for a palace, he realizes he must now compete with an entire kingdom for her attention! Australian tycoon Mark Hannaford closed himself off from the world after losing his wife Fireman Charlie Costa knows all about duty and saving lives.

Jennifer's heart went out to new neighbor Noah and his three little kids. But the relentless cruelty and tyranny by the elite nobility of England demanded that someone rise up for the oppressed.

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And so Robert of Locksley became Robin Hood—a man thrown into a fierce struggle to balance his deep faith with a call to action in a violent and unjust age. Featuring over sixty actors, cinematic sound, and original music, The Legends of Robin Hood is an exciting twelve-part audio drama from the award-winning Augustine Institute. This 6-CD set includes a discussion guide that will help you discuss major concepts and themes from this unforgettable audio drama.

The Virtue Chronicles follows the time-traveling adventures of Andrew Perry and Eve Virtue, as they use the ancient Radiant Stone to encounter the great people and events of history. Their adventures in the past also trigger mysteries in the present, as they learn more and more about the work of secretive explorer Alfred Virtue. Part of the world of Hope Springs, The Virtue Chronicles series is written for to year-olds though readers of all ages will enjoy the stories. Paul McCusker is an American writer most widely known for Adventures in Odyssey, but he has worked on many other types of writing projects: novels, plays, musicals, radio dramas, and movie scripts.

He is a convert to Catholicism, and he lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife and children. This set includes six books: 1. Perfect Gifts 2. Hidden Treasures 3. The Best Advent Ever 4. Trouble With Lent 5. A World of Wonder 6. They moved with their parents, their brother Andrew, and their sister Lizzy, to Hope Springs in the summer. Hope Springs is a fictional town in the mountains of Colorado. This series presents the adventures of the twins, their family, their friends, and the people they encounter at school, church, and in town.

This series presents Catholic culture easily and normally, and provides opportunities for readers to think about the consequences of words and actions. This series is written similarly to the Adventures in Odyssey series and the Magic Tree House series, and is recommended for readers ages seven and up, but can also be read by parents to younger children.

In this remarkable part video series and book, Scripture scholar and theologian Michael Patrick Barber provides a thorough, deeply Catholic, and deeply biblical, answer. Pew missals are expected to begin shipping on October 21, Its purpose is simple: to provide worshipers with a liturgical resource that is consistent with the directives of the Church and accessible to the average parishioner, especially in regards to music.

This is accomplished in two ways. First, by using simple plainsong melodies for the Entrance and Communion antiphons, so that a cantor, choir, and even a congregation can easily sing them. Second, by selecting hymns and songs which, combined, provide a repertoire of sacred songs that is fitting for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, yet accessible for the average parish.

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In particular Fr. I encourage both pastors and faithful alike to use this resource as a means to be formed at the greatest school of prayer that the Church possesses, the Holy Mass.

This handsomely bound and beautifully printed volume includes the chant notation for all the propers, antiphons and the other sung parts of the Mass, as well as the scripture readings for Sundays, Holy Days and Principal Feasts for the given year. In addition to providing the simple plainsong melodies for the antiphons, this volume also includes a rich array of carefully selected hymns. It is my hope that this new liturgical resource will inspire the faithful in the pews to raise their voices in sung prayer, enhancing the public worship of the Church with a greater sense of the transcendent.

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This is an important bridge which allows us to reconnect with the musical tradition of the universal Church: a treasure of immeasurable value cf. SC The contents of the Pew Missal reflects the classical order of importance for the sung parts of the Mass: the dialogue between priest and people, the ordinary parts of the Mass, and the proper antiphons for each day. There is a solid repertoire of well-known hymns, both metric and chant cf.

In addition, all the readings are included, as well as common prayers and devotions. What is needed now is stability and perseverance, so that this repertoire can become second nature. Compliments to Fr. Samuel Weber, O.

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  • This talk is the December CD of the Month. The mp3 is now available! The CD will be available on January 1, Advent, the season in which we prepare for Christmas, is a penitential season. One of the key acts of penance that the Church recommends is almsgiving. But why? Citing the Old and New Testaments, the Catechism, and his own engaging personal stories, professor and author Dr. Are Catholic teachings on Mary really biblical? Or are they the "traditions of men"? Should she be called the "Mother of God," or just the mother of Jesus? Did she actually remain a virgin her whole life or do the "brothers of Jesus" refer to her other children?

    By praying to Mary, are Catholics worshipping her? And what does Mary have to do with the quest to understand Jesus? Pitre takes readers step-by-step from the Garden of Eden to the Book of Revelation to reveal how deeply biblical Catholic beliefs about Mary really are.

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    You can purchase this product in cases of 40 at volume discounted pricing by clicking here. Jerome K. Who are the true benefactors of the human race? Rebels against established authority? Or the saints? John of the Cross.

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    Abridged from True Reformers by Jerome K. Williams, this is special Spanish edition book is available for your Spanish-speaking parishioners this Advent. View Sample Who are the true benefactors of the human race? More than Candles and Calendars? It's a time of fun, learning, and wonder that might become the Perry family's best Advent ever. Hope Springs is a fictional town in the mountains of Colorado, the setting of the Hope Springs series. Hope Springs is a multi-faceted series of stories that explores living the Catholic faith in the modern world. The world of Hope Springs also appears in the grown-up novel Blue Christmas.

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    The likeable and engaging characters reflect the sensibilities and struggles of being Catholic in the quirky small town of Hope Springs, playing out their faith at the St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church and School, with their neighborhood friends and adversaries, and in the many adventures that makes the teachings of the Church come alive.

    This series is written similarly to the Adventures in Odyssey series and the Magic Tree House Series, and is recommended for readers ages seven and up, but can also be read by parents to younger children. View Sample More than Candles and Calendars? Teresa of Calcutta was a woman known and loved for her tender work among the poorest of the poor. I Thirst provides an opportunity to spend a few minutes every day with Mother Teresa and the thirst of our Lord. It provides an opportunity to grow in intimacy, and to meet the thirst of God with our own thirst for him.

    This version, Tengo Sed , is the Spanish version of this powerful and timely book. John Paul II. English: Matthew Arnold recounts the life story of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, a twentieth century saint and mystic who is known around the world as Padre Pio. This presentation includes fascinating details about St. This precious insight takes us to the heart of the interior life of St.

    John Henry Newman — , from the treasures of which these meditations are offered as a devotional aid for the season of Lent. Saint John Henry Newman was one of the most beloved and well-known preachers of his time. Originally an Anglican priest, Newman converted to Catholicism and became a Catholic priest and cardinal. Known for his beautiful prose and exultant preaching, Newman has long been a source of inspiration for those in the Church.

    Waiting for Christ provides an opportunity to spend a few minutes with St.