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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. French English. Reasonator Scholia Statistics.

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Subcategories This category has the following 14 subcategories, out of 14 total. Pages in category "Treaty of Versailles" This category contains only the following page. T Treaty of Versailles. Media in category "Treaty of Versailles" The following files are in this category, out of total. An appeal to reason Burt Thomas. Arrangement of tables for signing of Treaty of Versailles At the Peace Table Treaty of Versailles.

Awaiting the decision from paris Bundesarchiv Bild , Die deutsche Friedensdelegation. Bundesarchiv Bild R, Versailles, deutsche Verhandlungdelegation.

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Bundesarchiv Bild R, Johannes Giesberts cropped. Commemorative medal issued on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles. Corridoio di Danzica. Daily Chronicle placard The Day June 30 Daily Mail placard Versailles agreement June 24 Daily Mirror placard peace to be signed June Das Saargebiet.

Deutsches Reichsgesetzblatt Die am 7. Die Grenzen Deutschlands nach dem Friedensvertrage Osten.


Die Grenzen Deutschlands nach dem Friedensvertrage Westen. Evening News placard Versailles signing June 23 Evening News placard Versailles Treaty signed June 28 Evening Standard placard Peace 28 June Evening Standard placard Versailles Treaty signed. Faisal I of Iraq at Versailles Conference in cropped.

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Freden undertecknas. German losses after WWI. German Signatories to the Peace Treaty German Signatures on the Treaty Germanio League of Nations Organization. Les pertes de et les espoirs dans la SDN en LLoyd's News Placard announcing Versailles signing. Map Europe a-fr. Map of Europe in , after the Paris Peace Conference. Meeting at Versailles. Original Fourteen Point Speech page1.

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Original Fourteen Point Speech page2. Pall Mall placard Peace Signed 28 June Big Four u original. Lafont Rapnouil suggested that Putin and Macron would rather repeat their well-known positions on Syria and Ukraine. However, he added, both the Russian and French presidents need this meeting. By hosting Putin, Macron is seeking to "underline his new status as one of the leaders of a united Europe," said Tatyana Stanovaya, a France-based analyst with Moscow think tank, the Center for Political Technologies.

Meanwhile, for his Russian guest, it is important to "look Macron in the eyes," she told DW. Stanovaya suggested that Putin will "try to work out his psychological profile, to understand, what kind of person he is and what language one can speak to him. The ECFR's Lafont Rapnouil echoed this analysis, saying that Putin is interested in this meeting, because he has a "very personal approach to foreign policy.

Putin has been a rare guest in EU countries after Russia's annexation of the Crimean peninsula in March In this context the Russian president's visit to France will be a chance for him to show that he is being involved in discussing important international issues, Stanovaya said. She also pointed out that the fact that Putin had found time for his meeting with Macron so fast means that he is very interested in it. In recent years, the Russian president has visited France several times. A year earlier, he also took part in the ceremonies to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings by Allied troops.

However, Putin's last one-on-one talks with the country's president on French territory were way back in June He canceled a meeting with Macron's predecessor Francois Hollande scheduled for October last year after Hollande called Russia's airstrikes on Aleppo a war crime. Still, Macron has repeatedly criticized the previous administration for a lack of dialogue with Russia.

Macron's election campaign team accused Russian state-financed media — TV channel RT and news agency Sputnik - of distributing fake news aimed at discrediting the year old presidential candidate and supporting his rivals, the conservative Francois Fillon and right-wing populist Marine Le Pen.

RT and Sputnik both strongly deny the allegations. Putin also hosted Le Pen at the Kremlin a month before the first round of the presidential elections. Macron also blamed Russia for carrying out cyber attacks on his campaign. Moscow denied the accusations.

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Tatyana Stanovaya of the Center for Political Technologies believes that Moscow's behavior ahead of the French elections affected Macron's attitude to Russia. Manuel Lafont Rapnouil suggested that Macron is unlikely to forget everything that happened ahead of the elections. Macron, who prioritizes a strong France inside of strong Europe, understands "perfectly well that he will benefit much more if he finds the right approach to Putin," said Stanovaya. With his "En Marche! His success can be attributed to his fresh political perspectives.

France's new president has traveled to Berlin aiming to reinvigorate the Franco-German relationship.

Der Friedensvertrag von Versailles

After talks, Chancellor Angela Merkel said the two countries would work together on a new road map for the EU. Poroshenko says he sees no alternative to agreements reached in Minsk in and Cyberattackers appear to have tried to disrupt Emmanuel Macron's presidential bid by leaking a trove of emails.

But the hackers were hamstrung by strong cyberdefenses and French voters' disdain for foreign meddling. Russia has been cozying up to right-wing candidates and meddling in European and US elections. Emmanuel Macron's win presents the opportunity to reset Franco-German relations to the advantage of the wider EU. But one has to want to do so, says German parliamentarian Franziska Brantner of the Greens party. French President Emmanuel Macron has assembled a pro-European cabinet. He has also appointed a strong, reform-minded economy minister.

This picture gallery shows different aspects of Putin's personality. In November , an armistice ended the fighting in World War I.

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But it took seven months until the official peace treaty was signed. Germany, meanwhile, always objected to its terms. Bilateral talks between world leaders were the main order of business in Osaka amid a host of simmering tensions on trade and climate change. DW breaks down the most important takeaways from the first day of the summit.

As China's trade dispute with the United States heats up and Russia faces sanctions from the West, Beijing and Moscow are growing closer. It's a budding friendship, despite some mutual distrust, says DW's Frank Sieren. DW News presents the most important news — in brief, quickly and up-to-date.

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