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Drug and Alcohol Content There's quite a lot of drinking aboard ship and on land , and sometimes the characters are said to have "drunk a little too much. Sexual Content At one time an officer stumbles upon two young ladies who are in their petticoats; later he teases one of them about it.

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  7. There are a few passionate kisses. One lieutenant is so large that he and his equally obese wife have trouble sharing their bed. Stronger oaths are referred to, but not written out.

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    There is a humorous instance wherein an officer is forced to return to his ship without his trousers, having had them stolen from him. Conclusion From the Austen-like opening lines to the satisfying charm of the concluding paragraphs, this lively tale kept me fascinated and amused.

    Easy's coming-of-age journey is a joy to observe, and the exploits of his fellow seamen are alternately breathtaking and hilarious. Also I was thrilled to discover that before he became an author Captain Marryat had served with distinction in the Napoleonic Wars - as did Mr. Midshipman Easy himself. This review is brought to you by Lady Meriwen.

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    Read more reviews by Lady Meriwen. Review Rating: 1 2 3 4 5. He resigned his commission at the rank of captain after 24 years of service to devote his time to writing. He retired from the British navy in in order to devote himself to writing.

    Mr. Midshipman Easy by Frederick Marryat

    In the following 20 years he wrote 26 books, many of which are among the very best of English literature, and some of which are still in print. Marryat had an extraordinary gift for the invention of episodes in his stories.

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    4. He says somewhere that when he sat down for the day's work, he never knew what he was going to write. He certainly was a literary genius. This e text was transcribed in by Nick Hodson, and was reformatted in , and again in Wikipedia - Frederick Marryat.

      Mr. Midshipman Easy by FREDERICK MARRYAT Audiobook - Chapters 01-03 - Adrian Praetzellis

      Wikipedia - Mr. Midshipman Easy It was an excellent story read by an excellent reader Will particularly interest those inclined to all things nautical and philosophical.