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The authors explore the working world of the person who controls the visual look and style of a film. If you're a line producer, production manager, production supervisor, assistant director or production coordinator--the book has ever. The topics include audio basics, microphone selection, wireless systems, recording and mixing techniques. Written by veteran sound mixer John J.

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Murphy, the book offers a step by step collaborative journey through the basic physics of sound, latest techniques and equipment. Written by highly experienced production manager and specialist tutor, Linda Stradling, this is a complete guide to the profession. Get professional techniques usually known only by Hollywood makeup artists in this full-color. Written for all media make-up students, in particular those studying a VRQ at Levels 2 and 3, this new edition has been updated in accordance with the new NOS.

Learn how to sculpt and mold your own makeup prosthetics, with a focus on how human anatomy relates to sculpture, to create the most realistic effects. With input from hairstylist Yvette Rivas, this step-by-step guide makes complex techniques clear, allowing you to achieve the most coveted results. Shoot on Location provides everything you need to know from scouting through the wrap. Discover what makes an excellent location, how to manage the location and how to handle any problems that might come up. Written by an award-winning costume designer, this book offers an in-depth insight into the costume design business, department operations and management.

Sixteen of the worlds greatest costume designers come together to share their inspiration and knowledge with the world. Packed with great drawings and case studies, this is an essential book for any student or professional costume designer looking for additional inside advice. A lavish tribute that mingles words and images of equal luster, Dressed is one book no film and fashion lover should be without.

This is an essential reference for students of theatrical design and fashion, amateur drama groups and anyone interested in the history of costume. Optics and Focus for Camera Assistants melds technical knowledge and skills with technique and attitude to provide key information on one of the most vital parts of a camera assistant's job: focus.

You are on your way to learning not only about the equipment and technology, but also about the concepts and thought processes that will enable you to shoot professionally. The twelve interviews in this book cover all aspects of cinematography from pre-production planning to post-production, special effects, aerial photography, and second unit. The International Film Business examines the independent film sector as a business, and addresses the specific skills and knowledge it demands. How movies work provides a comprehensive consideration of movies from idea to script, casting, financing, shooting and distribution.

Learn how an idea moves from concept to profits, how distribution dominates the bottom line of an industry otherwise grounded in high profile elements production, creative, law, finance, marketing. As the digital revolution has democratised film production, a new hybrid model of distribution is the way independent filmmakers can take control of their own distribution. Get In Media.

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Optic Nerve Studios. Tagged As: animatronics makeup artist props special effects special effects makeup. Have some feedback for our editors? Contact Us. History For Hire. History For Hire is a prop house catering to the film and Legacy Effects. Legacy Effects was formed in out of Stan Winston When George Lucas began development on the first film in Independent Studio Services.

For more than 30 years, Independent Studio Services has All these companies are tech companies first, so they own massive cloud infrastructure or partner with each other to provide services.

Even with rotoscoping, you can ask the computer to hunt for humans and automatically rotoscope. It definitely has its challenges. Added to that are new platforms — especially streaming services — that increase opportunity, but also destabilize traditional models. Netflix especially has played a role in creating high-end streaming content in numerous regional markets worldwide, boosting local production, post and VFX markets. If you look at the landscape of major studios, you have to include Netflix, Apple and Amazon.

There is no mad dash at the end, and you might get fewer iterations. A key part of our strategy is to facilitate top-end creative services for streaming platforms. You can juggle all 10 episodes at once, and you have to think about how to invoice it.

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OTT services have also changed the quality. It used to be about doing the best job, but fast enough to hit the airwaves. Now, the Amazons and Hulus are all gunning for that high quality and viewers expect it. As a company you have to figure out how to keep an efficient pipeline to achieve feature-film quality. Clients come to us with real-time requirements and the VR projects are becoming more and more ambitious.

To accommodate this genre of work, Framestore has pulled project management and creatives into one team. While new platforms and outlets provide for a growing regional market and stretch traditional digital VFX houses into new genres, tax incentives are responsible for sending productions — and often post and VFX — to far-flung destinations, from Atlanta to Montreal, London to Berlin — to enjoy rebates. Okun, VES.

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My job is more fun. In a place like Montreal, where they have a very healthy tax break, the challenge has been finding and building the talent. The two go hand in hand. It requires mobility to be where the work is. The landscape continues to change, sometimes in unpredictable ways.

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BotVFX started 10 years ago as a classic outsourcing facility in Chennai, India, offering rotoscoping, tracking, paint and prep to a variety of clients. With people, we can take on a feature. Those countries as well as Taiwan and Korea have actively gone out and hired a lot of American and British artists to train their artists or run the company.

Globalization has also meant that the North American and European companies have had to choose — judiciously — where else to set up shop. Vancouver was an early destination, but the number of locations has expanded exponentially. Framestore, in addition to its London site, has facilities in Montreal and Pune, with sites servicing advertising clients in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Businesses are getting more comfortable working closer to home, in everything from manufacturing to the film industry.

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One of the anomalies of our business is that you have a fixed cost business with a fickle revenue flow. That brings up the issue of the size of a VFX facility — how big is big enough? Can small houses survive? Are mid-sized houses getting squeezed between the two extremes?

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You have more options, more resources to be able to cope with what filmmakers throw at you in terms of schedules and creative changes. The last five to 10 years have also seen a tremendous amount of consolidation and other changes. Chambers refers to the VES survey done almost a decade ago.

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  5. Ulbrich reports that Method Studios, originally independent, was first acquired by Ascent Media, which sold it to Deluxe when it was transitioning from being a photochemical lab into a digital creative services building. Then came the decision to get into VFX for features. Thus began a journey of building and acquiring to put a network of studios in place to optimize talent, low cost labor and government incentives. Pixomondo was founded in in Germany, and doubled in size between and Everybody notes the pressure to scale in an industry that still produces very thin profit margins.

    Walkinshaw notes that one of the pressures to get big is because the projects themselves are bigger. Therefore, the need to keep constant work flowing in is essential to the health of the small company. The Molecule in New York inhabits the space of the mid-sized visual effects facility.

    Even as a mid-sized house, The Molecule does outsource some of the rotoscoping and other similar work. Change is a constant and nowhere is that more obvious in visual effects than in the technologies used to create visual effects. The maturity and strength of the VFX industry help explain why visual effects work has become a booming business.