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Disdain for the working mothers, the home mothers, the breastfeeding or formula or unvaccinated mothers. We shame ourselves into thinking we're the only ones who are overwhelmed, who cry in the bathroom, who sit in the grocery store parking lot as a "vacation. There is no moral to this story except: I see you. I see you out of the corner of my eye feeling tightly wound and it's OK. Find 30 minutes of silence and remember two things:. You can eat it now. The toddler is potty trained without really being potty trained and the house has a faint smell of urine.

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The baby smells like a cheesesteak and I still haven't unpacked from last month's trip but it's OK. It is so old news and cliche and irreparably optimistic, but I'm going to say it again. We are in this together. You and me and the year-old mother at the library who has finally had that baby after 12 years of trying but still feels tightly wound at the end of the day.

I don't like to make friends at the library because I'm a jumpy introvert, but this mama did not give me a choice and left me with some words I'm carrying around with me this week. She said, "Isn't it funny how parenting works out? It's just so loud, even when they are asleep. You can never turn parenting off.

It's a good thing it's what we always wanted, isn't it?

This post originally appeared on Kate Baer's blog. Also on HuffPost:. Real Life.

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Real News. Real Voices. I have vaginismus, a pelvic floor condition characterized by involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, causing pain, penetration problems, and inability to have intercourse.

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While some can't get it up, I can't get it in. Animation is a time-consuming and labor intensive process.

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I also shared my story at BedPost Confessions - Texas's singular storytelling series on gender, sexuality, and social change. We are able to depict anatomy, bodily functions, and intimacy without encountering logistical obstacles and squeamishness that a live-action film would.

Animation allows us to expand the narrative by visually and artistically illustrating internal thoughts, feelings, and fears. Dating is not even fun for me, because I have this big secret looming over me like a black cloud, a secret that will send them running. After telling one guy I was dating about my vaginismus, he left my apartment, promised to call me, and I never heard from him again. But this is not a rare condition!

The problem is that all these people are suffering with it, but we never talk about it. Every book, movie, song, and TV show portrays sex as easy, fast, and fun. Characters who are virgins are depicted as prude, uptight, and crazy. Tightly Wound will educate, raise awareness, and build a community amongst people who have similar experiences - experiences that render many women silent and isolated.

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Shelby Hadden is a documentary filmmaker whose films explore issues of gender and identity. Shelby holds a B. Since then, his work has continued to explore fantastical and surreal elements within real-life situations.

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His undergraduate thesis film "Cazuela," a mixture between stop-motion animation and live-action narrative, has been in many film festivals all around the world. Among these projects are two video installations for the Chilean architects Smiljan Radic and Alejandro Aravena, both showed during the Venice Biennale in and respectively.

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Recently named by Inc. I am learning to trust Him even when the unexpected happens. I am walking with Jesus down this bumpy path and finding grace in the unraveling. I am held close by the One who formed me.

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Join the journey as we find grace in the unraveling of life. Sign up by email at the top right corner of my blog to receive the latest posts in your inbox for FREE as well as occasional updates from me. I look forward to walking together on this road toward freedom. Each month you will receive a letter to uplift your try hard soul. Access past Letters to the Tightly Wound Woman here. Oh Katie, I love, love, love this! I have read it 3 times already. I can relate to much of it. I do not know where to begin. There is so much written in those words. It is honest and real. It holds truth and offers hope. Just beautiful! You are onto something big here…and echoing the same struggle so many of us share. Thanks for not letting me give up. Hi Katie! Look forward to reading your posts. I think I missed meeting you at She Speaks….

Thank you Betsy- it is so comforting to hear that they are other TightlyWound women out there. Lord, help me give up control! I love, love, LOVE all this newness! I was a bit surprised at the change at first, but this spoke directly into my heart. I teared up, realizing this is me. I am tightly wound. So glad I stopped by this evening!